Originally created as a collage of the artist’s favourite architectural styles, The Tower Series matured into a means of stimulating sentiment and contemplation.

The top Tower is presented as an artefact from a hypothetical future. Based on the writings of the Human Extinction Movement, it is a nuclear power plant that has been constructed vertically due to overpopulation.

“The lure of designing such a monumental structure was the supposition of its context. What would life be like without the comfort of open space?”

The middle Tower was commissioned as a gift for a young man celebrating his first birthday. The brief; to design a structure that would nurture the child’s imagination, a scene he could inhabit and explore as he grew older. The ornamental nature of a Kew-style glasshouse is positioned extraordinarily amongst the leaves of a freakishly large beech tree. Hopefully a fertile subject for a young mind.

The bottom Tower is a celebration of ornate architecture presented in the very modern form of a skyscraper. From Regency to traditional Japanese architecture, it’s a structural mix-tape, for both enthusiast and child.