“Each of his works is a wealth of imaginative detail.”
Visual News

“Impossible architectural structures.”

“Filled with an obsessive amount of detail”

“Really like his work.”
But Does It Float

“Love his work”
AnOther Mag

“Delightfully unbuildable.”
Fast Co Design

“Strikingly complex.”
Brazilian Vogue

“Infinitely rewarding.”
The Fox Is Black

“Image of The Day.”

“Treat your eyes.”
Design Taxi

Toby is in love with civilization. All his works are a curious response to the complex panorama that surrounds us. Subjects range from disease to international politics but all share an aesthetic that was born from our synthetic landscape.

Since graduating from Northumbria University, with a BA in industrial design in 2012, Toby has turned his attention to freelance illustration as a means of translating other's ideas into visuals.

If you're interested in purchasing a print or wish to discuss a commission, please do not hesitate to contact.